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Well, folks, it’s hard to believe that Schnoodle has been live for just over 3 months! And we have achieved so much already!

In this post we would like to take you through many of our outstanding recent developments. The Schnoodle project has been going from strength to strength and we’d like to appraise the community on what we’ve been working on and what we have in store!


Our lead dev Neo showed no signs of slowing down! The smart contract was upgraded to SchnoodleV3 by way of execution of the contract interaction on the Snapshot proposal that was finalised via a question on reality.eth, an escalation-game-based oracle using simple economic game theory for on-chain execution of off-chain votes in a completely trustless, decentralised and automated process.

The txn for the execution of the proposal can be found here.

This once again proves that Schnoodle are trailblazers of the progressive DeFi DAO space.

We launched 14 weeks ago, and we’re already on our third version of the contract (with the next upgrade imminent), with no token swap required due to the upgradeable proxy per the EIP-1967 Transparent Proxy pattern which is protected by SchnoodleGovernance which is owned by Gnosis Safe and therefore also the DAO process using SafeSnap.

Contract Changes

The change to the contract is much more significant than the previous upgrade as it enables full BARK and eleemosynary capability for the ERC-777 functionality.

This is a highly exotic standard that is considered to be the newer and smarter kid on the block over ERC-20, but has not gained traction yet as the Ethereum standard. We believe this will happen in due course as DeFi gains adoption, and as higher security naturally becomes a greater requirement. This is another reason why Schnoodle is already way ahead of the curve in DeFi!

Part of the SchnoodleV3 upgrade was to fix the maintenance function as the SchnoodleV2 version of it did not work, basically because of the higher security of ERC-777 (so, it was actually a great example of how ERC-777 prevents certain actions being taken without prerequisites being complied with).

The effect of this is that the tokens that were previously in a dead contract address (Uniswap pool token), after being incorrectly airdropped during the relaunch, have now been retrieved and transferred to the locked ecosystem reserve.

This now means that the percentage of locked tokens is now increased to 65% (64.26% to be more accurate). Another amazing step in Schnoodle’s incredible journey through the DeFi space.

Schnoodle’s First AMA

We hosted our first AMA (“Ask Me Anything!”) with SPECTRE GRP at 7PM CET (1PM EST) on 19 August 2021.

We have always had a lot of time and respect for SPECTRE GRP. They are one of the best FA (fundamental analysis) outfits out there, have a huge (20k+) vibrant community, and boast several members as early supporters of Schnoodle.

We hosted a phenomenal fact-packed AMA, with a written section and an open mic voice chat, with SPECTRE GRP members getting the chance to speak to our superstar dev Neo in person. And there were prizes for attendees, with 30 MILLION SNOOD distributed in prizes to several lucky winners.

Incredible new website and updated branding

Times change and technology progresses. As the most technically advanced DeFi DAO in all of crypto, it was essential for us to to update our website to ensure it reflected the technologically advanced nature of our project.

This includes new branding and logos, with our beloved mascot Krypto moving from his earlier 2D incarnation to his new 3D form.

Is this his final form though? Well, you’ll have to wait for the future to discover that!

New Team Members

Schnoodle is constantly growing its team and recruiting the right calibre individuals to be a part of the Schnoodle squad.

As we are a DAO we prefer to recruit community members (and if you think you can help us you should reach out to us on Telegram!) but in these early days we are constantly on the lookout for high quality new team members.

We recently appointed 2 new incredible team members to help us spread the Schnoodle gospel:

  • Olaf Burgers as Chief Executive Officer. Olaf is a highly experienced C-Level manager in both technology & telecoms, and brings a wealth of experience in project management, executive consultancy, as well as strategy and business management. He will be both leading and assisting the Schnoodle team in project management, strategy, relationship management, and marketing. We think he may well be the most important team addition we have ever had!
  • Kracus as Senior 3D Artist. Krakus is an experienced Senior 3D artist specialized in character modelling and AAA games for a top 3 video game company, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Kracus will be assisting the Schnoodle team with NFTs, memes, branding, and marketing.

Please join us in welcoming these new additions to the Schnoodle Team!

Partnership with the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

As you know, Schnoodle has an eleemosynary / charity function coded into it at the most fundamental level, to ensure that altruism and doing good is an integral part of the project! This was something that Neo insisted on being embedded in the code at the most basic level.

On 11 September 2021, we were delighted to announce the beneficiary of this function, the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation (“BJWT”), a Latin American foundation with an incredible mission to rescue and nurture big cats and dogs from around the world that otherwise may not have survived.

Our goal has always been to find a project that shares similar goals to us, has thematic overlap, and importantly has the necessary social footprint to aid us in spreading the Schnoodle gospel far and wide.

BJWT ticks all the boxes here, with a passionate team dedicated to helping animals the world over, having 7.3M followers on Instagram, and being featured in publications such as Rolling Stone and visited by high profile celebrities.

Since 30 September 2021, 1% of all Schnoodle transactions have been donated to the BJWT wallet address. This is an incredible achievement for Schnoodle, and the beginning of a wide-reaching and enduring partnership that will encompass donations to the charity, reciprocal marketing, and multiple series of NFTs based on the amazing BJWT animals!

The charity has received 1,563,183,339 SNOOD — over $340,000 at the time of writing.

Farming and More

December will finally see the release of Schnoodle’s sophisticated neoteric algorithmic yield farming platform, something we envision being a game-changer in the crypto space.

It will be accompanied by an increase in marketing and growth hacking, as we start to leverage our charity connection for marketing purposes, as well as utilise our growth-hacking connections and additional partners.

Additionally, new CEO Olaf is pursuing a whole host of new possibilities with the team, and starting to lay down the foundations for NFTs and gaming collaborations.

We also want to embrace the power of our DAO structure by allowing community members to assist more, so if you think you can do something for us, reach out to the team, or add a proposal on Snapshot!

The future is bright for Schnoodle, and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!

The Schnoodle Team



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